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Jacqueline, 19, California--> North Carolina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my unfiltered thoughts.
{Starbucks is my holy grail.}

Only I would have a guy pick me up at 4am, perfectly knowing I would do everything but fuck him.
And then he makes me fuck him. And of course I’m so fucking bad that I’m home by a little after 5am.
Never good enough. I tried so hard. I did so well. And it’s still not good enough. I’m still not fucking good enough.
That sucks. And hurts.
It’s just another reason that I’m never enough.

Feel like I couldn’t eat more
But the sad thing is I did
I could because I did
I could because I did

I’m worthless.


i’ve finally come to realize

why i am who i am

why i do what i do

and maybe i’m still victimizing myself

maybe i’m still weak and stupid and fat and dumb and the whatever everyone else sees me as (because lets be honest..i’m fat and dumb and weak)

but i’ve finally realized that i hate myself because i’m not her.

because i’ll never be as perfect or beautiful or divine or strong or dedicated or genuinely happy as her.

all my life she made me so grateful. and she still does. but now i’m seeing that i never really realized how small she made me feel. how i live every single day not because i have legs or a voice to speak. but how every single day i never feel like i’m doing enough. i never feel like i’m living anything to the fullest. i feel like it’s all or nothing. 

i’m not making sense in words right now.

basically. nicole is a blessing always. always always always. and i’d be a dirty fucking bitchy cunt to every say ANYTHING bad about what she has given me (yet here i am being a dirty fucking bitchy cunt)

but she makes me feel inferior constantly.

always inferior. i could always do better. cause look who is my sister.

i don’t deserve to call her my family. she deserves so much more than me. SO much more than me.


Untitled | by: { Ryan Pernofski } 

So slim
So shiny
How smooth it feels to hold it in my hand
So small yet so heavy
Weight in the core, covered in a beautiful exterior of conclusion.
So small
So powerful
One shot could change everything
For everyone
That finally the others could feel the pain the victim had endured for so long.
And with one final breath, the life of the sufferer is relieved.
Life is definite. Purpose is relative.
Sometimes happiness cannot be achieved when the balance of life and death is sacrificed.


I’ve fallen.
And I know how to get up
But I’m too weak to.