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Jacqueline, 19, California--> North Carolina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are my unfiltered thoughts.
{Starbucks is my holy grail.}
tbc // a song

can you feel my fear

oh, can you feel my pain

i let you in a way i can never explain

i’ve never been so torn

with who you are and who you want to be

biggest false alarm of my life.

if it had been true, i don’t know what i would do.

i told you everything.

that was my choice.

it was your choice to me nice though. it was your choice to lead me on.

it must have been in my head tonight. 

obviously it was.

i’m still hurting though.

fuck. i’m still so hurt. i won’t ever express it. but i’m hurting.


i have no words for the words that were said.

guilt is all there is. i live with so much guilt every single day.

and honestly i have no right to say that. because regardless of all my guilt, i’m still such a fucking asshole to let people know what i did. 

i try to keep everything real for myself. but i’m starting to realize i can’t trust myself at all. and i’ve learned—more than anything—that i can’t trust anyone but myself. so how can i not feel doomed? how can i not feel like a fucking helpless loser.

if i can’t trust the only person who’s worth trusting—me—than how am i supposed to live?

i’m going to lose. it might not be now. but i’m going to.

maybe you call that a cry for help. but it’s my reality. i make it my reality. that’s my own doing. i know that.

but i’m sick of trying to fight against my mind.

one day, maybe not yesterday, tomorrow, a week from now, even 20 years from now. but one day, i’m going to lose.

for me, that’s not a cry for help. that’s not me victimizing myself.

that’s me trying to be realistic. THAT is my reality.

call it what you want. i’m just trying to keep myself in check.

I’m getting attached. 
I can’t believe I told him about my ed. I can’t believe he responded the way he did. It was the most honest, caring, respectful, reassuring reaction. 
There’s a deep connection there even though we barely know each other.
I’m trying to keep an open mind. I’m trying not to be so….mentally clingy, if that makes sense.
I don’t know he’s just…
He’s what I’ve been looking for.

back in wilm

so scared

but so excited

i’m ready to start my life again. my happy, healthy life. i don’t know why i have to travel 3,000 miles away to feel motivated again, but whatever reason it is, i’m taking what i can get.

sophomore year, let’s see what you got.

i’m gonna miss angel, my devil.

i wish i could have told you how much you’ve changed things for me this summer. you helped me through more than you could even know. 

tonight was probably goodbye forever, but there’s still a part of me that feels like we’ll meet again. someday.